Family Traditions Live On!







They say that every picture tells a story and this picture is no exception. The story behind this frame job spans 3 generations.

As Jeannie put it ” When I was a little girl, my Mom would put me on the counter and let me to sift flour. My earliest memory of this is from the age of 2. It has been the same with my boys. As long as they could reach the counter or sit on the counter, they could get flour all over, I don’t care about the mess because this is a tradition. And the tradition starts in the middle of November, once a week until Christmas. God forbid you should ask about making them in July! According to my Mom you can’t make them any other time of year. You make them in a specific way. You roll them into little snakes, cut them into an exact size, and place them cut side down on a cookie sheet. Sometime my boys would get into little squabbles and they’d reach over and smash each others cookies right before they were to go onto the cookie sheet. They have wonderful memories of that! Not only do you have to make them in a certain way, but they are eaten is a certain way as well. You have a plate with a mug in the middle, with the Pepper Nuts all along the edge and you don’t dip them, they are NEVER dipped!  Instead you have your spoon and you put your Pepper Nut in and just before they sink you snag ’em! You can see in the frame that there is a picture of the 3 of us at the top, the recipe in the middle and on the bottom a picture of each of the boys making Pepper Nuts.”

You Learn Something New Everyday!


Well, this one takes the cake for the longest sized project in the history of Mount-N-Frame.  We were enlisted to stretch and frame a 14 foot canvas which is a task taking precision and a lot of hand strength! Assembling the stretcher bars was akin to putting a puzzle together. Most framing stock is 10 feet long and this requiring bridging that 4 foot gap with overlapping pieces and lots of cross braces for support. Although part of me was intimidated seeing something I had not encountered in over 35 years of framing, it was pretty fun. Here is a step by step photo essay including the customers reaction.


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Roco, The Rescue Dog

One of the things people notice when they come to Vail is how dog friendly our community is. We LOVE dogs! Here at Mount-N-Frame you may be greeted by up to four dogs depending on the day. So it is not unusual for us to frame photos of dogs, deeply loved family members each and every one of them.

Mary and her son Chris are no exception, they love dogs too! Almost 7 years ago, while surfing the web, Chris came across the Eagle County Sheriff’s animal shelter website. He read about a 15-month old Alaskan Husky that had just been relinquished by his previous humans. Chris convinced his mom, Mary, to go check out the dog, “Roco”,  in person. Suffice it to say that they all fell in love. Although it took lots of training and hard work to help Roco overcome anxiety, and some very bad habits like jumping tall fences and running away, it was worth all the effort.

Now Roco is a sweet and secure dog who has travelled and played in dog parks in Vail, Chicago and Portland.  It truly is a dog’s life!

The story came full circle to us at Mount-N-Frame the day Mary brought us a picture of Roco to frame as a gift for Chris. She was so thrilled when she picked it up…you can tell by the look on her face.